Talik suggests you try some Peruvian ceviche!

Talik Naruma

Talik loves Peruvian ceviche and knows the Peruvian cuisine like few others. There is no one quite like him to get recommendations from!

Talik’s recommendation:
Cevicheria in Berlin for modern Peruvian food

The place has some of the best ceviche in town – no question! The quality of the fish is outstanding!

Smanatha, a connaisseur of Russian street food!

Samantha Hausmann

Samantha has been to more restaurants serving Russian Food than just about anyone.

Samantha's recommendation:
Datcha in Berlin for authentic Russian food

The food at this place is just like in Moscow – in Berlin that is.

Joris would encourage you to try some delicious Vietnamese food!

Joris Kuehnast

Joris enjoys all types of Asian cuisine but is favourite is Vietnamese Pho.

Joris's recommendation:
Monsieur Vuong is a vibrant small Vietnamese restaurant

The Pho is my go to here but you can really get just about anything. It will always be great and quick.